Why Is Grooming Your Pet So Important?

For a happy and healthy pet!

There are so many good reasons to consider a regular trip to a Pet Spa and the number one reason, of course, is the well-being of your loyal pet.

Put simply, grooming improves your pet's condition. A brush aerates their coat and is good for blood circulation as well as removing dead skin cells and unclogging pores. For long-haired pets, grooming helps to prevent mats which can be painful and difficult to remove and, for cats, grooming prevents hairballs.

When it comes to hygiene, especially of long-haired cats and dogs, grooming can help keep all the nooks and crannies clean, preventing nasty infections.

How often should you 'groom'?

We would suggest you book in to a top quality Pet Spa at least once a month, especially for long-haired breeds.

Grooming recommendations are generally the same for dogs and cats with the exception that cats groom themselves so are cleaner than dogs and thus don't really need to be washed. They also stress easily so if a wash is necessary a dry shampoo can be used.

How to ensure your pets love their Pet Spa experience

As with most aspects of pet care, if you can start grooming from a young age, it is more likely that your dog or cat will enjoy the whole experience. However, for a professional groom the primary vaccination course must be complete (around four months of age).

When considering a professional Pet Spa, take your pets for a meet and greet before the whole grooming experience to familiarise them with the new people and environment and start with only a brush.

You can also ask to be there for the first time and take a few treats with you to make it fun. For cats, you will need to get them used to travelling to the Pet Spa in a carrier so that they are not stressed. There are a variety of calming products on the market that can help pets relax a little more, especially when the experience is so new.

Speak to your vet

Each pet has individual grooming requirements which are definitely worth discussing with your vet. So chat about this when you next go for a check-up.

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