7 Common Dog Haircuts

These common dog haircuts will give you some great ideas for your best friendís next trip to the groomers:

Teddy Bear Cut

It looks how it sounds – your pal will emerge like a fierce bear cub! Well…he'll be as cute as one at least!

The Teddy Bear Cut keeps more hair around the dog's face than his body. You don't have to go too short with this cut. Go with whichever length is best for your dog! If he doesn't like going to the groomer, a shorter cut will give him a longer break.

Poodle Cut

Literally, just picture a poodle.

Although it's a little more technical than that, the Poodle Cut is pretty common for furry dogs. It keeps really short fur along the dog's body, with more left on the top of the head and around his neck (kind of like a mane).

This cut looks best on poodles (or maybe we're just used to it?) but can work for any dog with lots of fluffy fur!


Shaving a dog can be a difficult choice, and it's usually saved for when it becomes a necessity rather than a preference.

Sometimes if dogs are extremely matted (to the point of pain and discomfort), groomers will have no choice but to shave off their coat.

Likewise, vets might shave small areas for procedures or to heal patches of irritated skin. That being said, rely on your vet's or groomer's opinion on whether shaving your dog is a wise choice.

Always remember to be specific about length to avoid a too-short shave on your dog.

Kennel Cut

All one length – everywhere. This cut is usually a shorter length, but the final length is always up to the owner!

The Kennel Cut is an easy cut for a busy owner. The short styled fur is ideal for less grooming time and a low-maintenance coat on your dog.


Man-buns are all the rage right now, but dogs have been sporting this trend for much longer!

With the Topknot, you don't actually make a bun on your dog's head. And most dogs probably wouldn't enjoy that!

Just create a furry poof on the very top of the dog's head. Keep the edges as clean and round as possible! We're going for sophistication with this style (think show poodle) rather than clown-like.

Clean Face

Style a dog's fur to show more of his beautiful face! This cut leaves some fur on his head to keep him warm, but gives room around his mouth and nose.

Creating a clean-cut look on your dog's face is good if he likes to sniff anything and everything. It'll be easier for you to keep him clean!

Dogs' fur can be maintained quite easily, and it goes a long way in keeping your pup happy and healthy! Prevent your dog's coat from becoming matted or dirty by taking him for a trim when his coat looks a little long.

A helpful hint: listen to your groomer and trust their opinion when it comes to styling your dog's fur – they possess the experience and training to make an educated choice for what each dog needs. Whether it's the lifestyle or breed, there's certain haircuts that will suit your pup better than others will.

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