Lucky Dogs and Cats Bath Service

At Lucky Dogs and Cats, we provide a variety of cat and dog bath services to pamper your best friend from head to tail. If your pet is in need of a good Bath our professionally trained staff will take exceptional care of your furry pet. Every one of our baths includes:

  • A shampoo chosen specifically for your pet's skin and coat
  • Nails trimmed and grinded to a smooth and pretty finish, an ear cleaning
  • A blow dry
  • A thorough brush out.

So bring in your loving dog or cat and we will have them clean and sorted in no time
Call and reserve your cat or dog bath services today!

How Often Should Your Pet Receive Bath Service?

Bathed your pet varies from animal to animal and depends on your pet's

  • Life style
  • Type of coat
  • Medical issues they may have.

For instance, if you have a Chihuahua that never leaves your arms, they wouldn't need to be bathed more than twice a month. However, a Labrador the goes to the beach or a dog park a few times a week should be bathed weekly. When it comes to cats bathing them would depend on whether they are always indoor and how often they are outside. Something to take in account are the type of coat they have, and your personal preferences. Our professional staff at lucky dogs and cats will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding your dog and cats bathing needs when you bring your pet in for their bathing appointment!

Making Use of Lucky Dogs and Cat Bath Service is convenient.

Call our staff today or you can fill out our online cat or dog bath services request to make your appointment. When you drop your pet off for their appointment, you can leave a cell phone number and we will inform you when your pet is ready for pick up. Then you can happily pick up your furry pet that will look, feel, and smell great! Make an appointment today for your pet to have a lovely day at the spa.